Friday, November 27, 2009

Fitness Friday - I think I'm a Runner

My favorite temperature to run in is 0 degrees Celsius, I love running in the rain and a little wind at my back always helps to push me along.

Well the stars were aligned for a great run today. I missed my Tuesday run (I always feel guilty when I miss a run), I didn't run yesterday, so as soon as my husband got home and I headed out. I checked the temperature and it was 0 degrees, excellent! I got outside, all by myself, no stroller or baby to push, got warmed up and stretched and I was off. I didn't really have a route planned out, I knew I wanted to run on the road but I didn't know how far. Since I hadn't run in almost a week I figured I'll do just a short 5k. Then I remembered oh my goodness, exactly 2 years ago today I started running! It's my mom's birthday, that's how I remember that. I was 6 weeks post-partum and was anxious to get in shape. The first time I went out, I did walk 3 min/run 1 min for 30 minutes. I remember it was so cold and dark, and there was only myself and a man on the track. Over the next 10 weeks I built up to 30 minutes of straight running. The longest run I did was 7 miles.

So thinking of my first run made me want to do more than just 5k, to sort of acknowledge how far I've come. I stopped running for a year in August last year when I got pregnant. Since I got back to running this past August, after baby #2 the longest I've run without walking is 5k and I've done run/walk for 9 miles/just over 2 hours. I'm running a 10k race December 20th so I decided it's time to run 10k straight. I kept mapping out my route in my head and once I decided, I settled into a nice pace. I was feeling really strong, really great, I knew from the get go I could run the entire 10k without needing to stop. When I hit about 4.5 miles I started to feel a bit tired, but I pushed on through. I was thinking about the race, and thinking I'd love to finish in 1 hour 15 minutes. Then it started spitting a bit, that felt nice. I had to add a bit at the end to hit 10k and then I realized, hey I can do this in 1h15min! So in the last mile I picked up the pace, it was getting close, so the last half a mile I was full out sprinting, and it started to pour really hard and then there was a bit of a wind pushing me forward, I was smiling. People must have thought I was crazy! I kept sprinting till I saw 6.21 miles on my watch (10k), I stopped at 6.22 miles and it was 1:15!!! I DID IT! I cried and smiled and said to myself "holy sh*t you did it"!

And to top it all off, when I got home, a neighbour who I hadn't seen in a while said wow you look good, every girl wants to hear that! Then after my shower, I tried on a size 14 skirt (I was a size 16 before but my pants have been really loose lately) and it fit!!! Wow what a great freaking day!

I find running to be a roller coaster. I have good days and bad, some really crappy runs where I felt weak and didn't push myself and runs where I felt so strong and pushed so hard. After an amazing run I do feel that runners high and I want to do more and I can't wait for my next run.

Today also marks the end of the first week of the 6 week challenge on EA Active More Workouts and I love it! I've told everyone about it. I love the 6 week challenge and the new activities. I was a boxing addict on Personal Trainer and I love the new boxing even more. Surprisingly I love the squash and I can't wait to start practicing to challenge Active_girl, I have to beat 95! I definitely feel EA Active has helped me with my running since I have toned so much in the two months I've had it! And when I workout it makes me want to do more exercise and keep up with my running.
I had a tough beginning to my week but it has definitely ended on a high! And now I think I can actually say "I'm a runner"!


  1. Yeah Christine!!!
    I'm SO PROUD OF YOU! and more than that...I'm SO HAPPY FOR YOU! What an incredible accomplishment...and what a great description! I'm struggling to get going again...then I read posts like this one and I'm THRILLED to get up and work out tomorrow!

    Thanks for inspiring me!


  2. Thank you Jenn! That means a lot to me! Enjoy your workout tomorrow, embrace the burn! :) And don't be hard on yourself, you've just had a baby! You'll get there, I promise! :)

  3. You are doing awesome!! I too am proud of what you have accompished and what you are working towards!

    Someday...I may love...running...that is truly what I want to work for.

    Keep it up! You are inspiring me.

  4. Thank you Trish!! Running is hard work, but you get so many benefits from it and makes you feel so good! Just start of really slow, and build up, you can do whatever you want to do!! :)

  5. Thanks for the follow on both twitter and my blog! I appreciate it. It's gonna take me awhile to get all toned and get some muscles. :) I'm planning to start the 30 day challenge on the EA Sports Active on Monday. Was gonna start on my first day of challenge with Celebrate Life but realized I couldn't cuz I wasn't gonna be home til Sunday night. I'm looking forward to getting to know you. Have a great day!

  6. Such a great feeling fitting into a smaller size! CONGRATS! So awesome!

    And I'm really glad to read your review of EA Active as I've been on the fence whether or not to spend the $ on it! I love the WiiFit boxing - great frustration reliever! lol So...maybe EA Active IS for me! Thanks for the info!

  7. Thanks Lindy and hlg for stopping by! Yes EA Active is awesome, I love both the personal trainer and more workouts! Go for it! :)
    And thank you for following my blog! :)

  8. Great Job, Christine! You are doing awesome! I would definitely say you're a runner, if it motivates you that much!

  9. Thank you Sarah, you know what? After today I can finally say I'm a Runner! :) Thank you for reading!