Friday, March 5, 2010

Fitness Friday - Fitness February Complete, March Challenge started

I've been a bad blogger and a bad tweeter! My problem is I can't do everything 100% all the time. Lately, I've been focusing on the kids and I've been planning family activities for March and April, before I go back to work so then I find my blogging suffers. Or if I'm on top of blogging and tweeting I'll be lacking somewhere else. That balancing act is a struggle for me. So I'm just gonna catch up today!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday - Ups and Downs

180.3lbs this morning. Down half a pound from last week but still up 2lbs from 2 weeks ago. I'm disappointed, I'm not going to lie. I'm really up and down the last few weeks. I regained my focus and then I majorly fell off the wagon, for a week and then I got back on track this week.

In terms of exercise, as you know I completed my 2nd 6 Week Challenge on More Workouts and now I'm focusing on Gold's Cardio Gym (Boxing) on the Wii, some fitness DVD's and Wii Fit Plus. I'm also getting serious about my half marathon training. It's just over three months away so I need to get back on track with my running and follow my training plan.

I can't believe that February is almost finished. I'm on track for Fitness February, I've exercised everyday this month so far. We're going away this weekend (Thursday to Sunday) and I've already planned ahead to make sure I get exercising every day!

I did an exercise DVD yesterday for the first time since before we got the Wii in October and it was great! It was nice to do something different and to see how far I've come. I was able to do the entire workout properly without making any short cuts, plus added two extra sections for 50 minutes total. I can feel my muscles today, but it's all good. I know EA Sports Active really helped me with that because I could do the lunges, squats and all the exercises for that matter, correctly and I felt SO strong. That really gave me a boost, to see my progress in a different way, to feel it and not just worry about what the scale or the tape measure say. I felt good, and that was awesome!
Last but not least, check out the Bronze Medal I won over at the Shinking Jeans Olympics!! One for Wall Sit and Jumping Jacks! I was so excited to win!! :) It was a lot of fun to participate but I still can't get over the numbers some ladies put up for Hula Hoop!! CRAZY!
Well I have a TON of stuff to do before our trip so I hope everyone has a great week. Let me know how you did this week. What are the ups and downs you struggle with?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

2nd 6 Week Challenge Completed on EA Sports Active More Workouts

I earned my trophy for my 2nd 6 Week Challenge on EA Sports Active More Workouts. I am so happy to have completed it. Doing a challenge definitely keeps me on track and makes me follow a regular workout schedule. I lost about 5lbs during the challenge, but my eating was really off track for a few weeks of the challenge, so my weight loss wasn't great. I lost half an inch off my arms, and a quarter of an inch off my right thigh and maybe half an inch off my waist. So honestly I'm quite disappointed in my inch loss.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday - Hello 170's I've arrived!

I'm really sad that I only discovered recently! I really like the site and thought the Monday challenges look interesting. I will definitely follow along with the next challenge!

This morning the scale said 178.3lbs. I'm down 5.7lbs from last week and 33.7lbs total. Since December 30th I've lost 9.1lbs.

Last week I decided to get out of my slump, to be positive and to get back on track. And I DID IT! I like planning and structure and that is what gets me results. Last week I said I would do certain things to help me succeed:

  • Journal my food everyday(starting that Wednesday)
  • Exercise everyday
  • Be positive
  • Read blogs that inspire me
  • Make healthy choices

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fitness Friday - Weekend to End All Women's Cancers

Happy Friday everyone!

As some of you may know I love to exercise! I love using the Wii to get a good workout in on EA Active and Wii Fit Plus. I also love walking and running. I'm currently training for a half marathon in May and some shorter races through out the summer. I loved walking after I gave birth both times because it allowed me to ease into exercise and build up to running. Last year I decided to put my walking to good use.

On September 11-12, I will be participating in a very special event called The Weekend to End Women's Cancers, here in Toronto, Canada. I'll walk 60 kilometres over the course of one weekend with thousands of other women and men. The net proceeds will support research, treatment, and services through The Campbell Family Institute at The Princess Margaret for breast and gynecologic cancers.

According to the National Cancer Institute of Canada, approximately 20,500 Canadian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year, and about 5,400 will die from the disease. And there are many other cancers that also effect women. That's why I'm walking so far. To do something bold about women's cancers. I hope that you'll share this incredible adventure with me - by supporting me in my fundraising efforts.

I've agreed to raise at least $2,000. So I need your help. Would you please consider making a donation? Use the link at the bottom of this post, and visit my site - and please take the time to support me. Please keep in mind how far I'm walking - and how hard I'll have to train.

I'm also going to start figuring out fundraising ideas, this is the first time I've ever taken on a fundraising venture and if you have any ideas that you've used that were successful please comment and let me know, I'm open to all suggestions!

For my part, I have a coin jar that I put any and all loose change in, when friends and family come over they contribute to it. I'm also putting in a dollar for every pound I lose ($28 so far) which will add up to $72 when I reach my goal. But in terms of events I haven't planned anything yet.

I would really appreciate any donation, big or small, if we all contribute we WILL end cancer in our lifetime!

Thank you,
Find me on Twitter: @Cunningmom

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday - Fitness February

Yes I have been down in the dumps however I decided I don't want to stay down in the dumps and watch the scale go up and up. That will NOT happen. I'm feeling better, I need to be positive and I promise I am feeling positive (not just faking it). What helped to change my attitude?

Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm weak...

Be warned, this post is random, all over the place and a little crazy...

I feel like screaming! I cannot get back on freaking track with my eating. And I'm beating my head against the wall wondering WHY? Why did I buy the ice cream? Why am I eating more than 1 bowl a night? Why am I sneaking bites of ice cream randomly through out the day? Why did I buy chocolate hearts at the store? I'm so annoyed with myself but I can't stop. Since the New Year I am majorly stressing about going back to work in April. I just feel that I'm already SO super busy, how the heck am I going to fit 8 hours of work, five days a week into my schedule? Seriously? And of course I'm going to miss my boys like crazy! I really really wish I could stay home with them, ugh anyway, I'm going to cry! So, I've been super stressed about that, and what do I do? I eat. I don't smoke, I don't do drugs but I eat.

My name is Christine and I'm addicted to food.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday - 179lbs is on the horizon...

The scale said 180.8lbs this morning.  WOW, it was very cool to see 180, so close to the 170's but I am not overly excited because I had a REALLY bad stomach bug yesterday, which basically emptied my system out.  I really want to hit my goal of 179lbs by next Wednesday so I plan to keep my eating under control and hopefully I will hit it. 

I've been on top of my exercise (other than yesterday and today) and really trying to be good with my food choices.  I'm close to some good goals so I want to stay focused.  I want to hit the next few goals over February and March: 

179lbs by February 3rd

176lbs - Halfway to goal/36lbs lost
172lbs - 40lbs lost
169lbs - Bye bye 170's by March 10th

That's all for now.  I've had a really stressful week so I don't have too much to say (go figure!)!



Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday - I'm struggling

I'm disappointed in myself. I lost momentum after the holidays, in terms of food. As you know, I've been doing great with the exercise, not missing a day, doing both EA Active and Wii Fit Plus everyday. However, I've been struggling with food. Last week I got my meals on track, eating better, but I've been snacking on junk. I'm so annoyed that I'm even writing that. But I have to be honest if nothing else. This morning I was 184.5lbs, up 0.9lbs from last week, down 27.5lbs total. On the bright side, it was less than a pound.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mommy Monday - Big Week for my Little Conor

Well Conor did so much this week! He was 8 months old on Wednesday. I could not believe that 8 months ago I was sitting in the hospital, in labour waiting for Conor to arrive and now he's 8 months old!!! It boggles the mind how fast time goes by. He's been sitting up on his own since 7 months old, but this week he started getting up to a sitting position from lying down all on his own! Then literally the next day he started rocking on his hands and knees, the next day he did the army crawl once, the very NEXT day (yesterday) he tucked his knees under himself and started semi-crawling and now he's just all over the place! AND he started eating yogurt this week and loves it! lol What a FAST week for my little Conor.

As for Caleb, well he's definitely not a baby anymore! On the way to daycare on Tuesday I said something to him like "you're a good boy Caleb" and his response: "Mommy I'm not a boy I a man!" Yes that's right, my big little boy who was only born 27 short months ago informed me that he's not a boy, he's a man! WTH??????

This week was also a bit of a strange week. Caleb was quite clingy with me this week, which is odd because he's very independent. But he's been asking me to pick him up when he's tired. or hungry he's just been crying and crying, which is SO strange because he's usually quite vocal and assertive (if you didn't guess that already). He's also been very rough with his brother this week, much more than usual. Maybe because Conor is sitting up? He thinks that Conor is bigger? He'll push him over, and say "I'm just joking, you're OK Conor"! Poor Conor is going to have a very thick skull by the time he's a year old! Is it delayed jealousy, since he didn't show much if any jealousy when Conor was born? Any insights are welcome!

I was looking through some pictures and videos of when Caleb was about a year old and I found this video, the beginning of his love for dancing! Enjoy!