Sunday, February 21, 2010

2nd 6 Week Challenge Completed on EA Sports Active More Workouts

I earned my trophy for my 2nd 6 Week Challenge on EA Sports Active More Workouts. I am so happy to have completed it. Doing a challenge definitely keeps me on track and makes me follow a regular workout schedule. I lost about 5lbs during the challenge, but my eating was really off track for a few weeks of the challenge, so my weight loss wasn't great. I lost half an inch off my arms, and a quarter of an inch off my right thigh and maybe half an inch off my waist. So honestly I'm quite disappointed in my inch loss.

There are many great things that came out of this challenge! I can actually feel my abdominal muscles now, I can engage them more when I exercise and I feel some semblance of muscle under my belly fat! During my first 6 week challenge I couldn't fully do the ab exercises, I always touched the floor during the leg raises and I couldn't get up all the way during the crunches. Now I can do all of the ab exercises properly, and I'm stronger because of it.
My arms and legs are definitely much more toned, I can feel and see a big difference and I love it. I always flex my muscles and say to my husband look at those muscles! HAHA I gotta be proud of what I got right!
My leg strap is not holding up too well. I have to pull it so tight to stay on (yes I wear it on my bare leg, with shorts) and it's starting to rip so the Velcro sticks out and then scratches my left leg. My resistance bands are done, I was using bands from physio and they ripped as well so I bought resistance tubes and they are GREAT! I highly recommend them because they are tough and really add to the workout. I'm also using 5lbs weights that have a strap similar to the resistance bands and they work well with the remote and nunchuck.
Now I plan on focusing on Wii Fit Plus, Gold's Cardio (boxing) and doing some exercise DVD's because I miss them! A couple of them are really tough and now I'm curious to do them after doing EA Active for a few months, because I know I'm stronger and will be better at the DVD's. In a couple of weeks I'm going to go back to Personal Trainer and do a 30 day challenge.
Fitness February is on track. I have exercised everyday so far in the month of February and I love it. Even on days when I was so tired I got up and worked out because I was committed to Fitness February.
How are you doing with your exercise? Have you tried anything new? Sticking to old favorites? Let me know!
Keep movin!


  1. I have!!! I'm still trying hard to find all those balls on the free bike ride. 15 lastnight too, want that 20!

  2. I hear ya, I haven't found all of them on the advanced bike ride! LOL We'll do it!!!

  3. You are really doing awesome!!! You should be so proud of yourself getting all buff and stuff ;)
    I am going to DM you on twitter so look for it I have a soultion for your worn out bands!
    Keep it up you are FABULOUS!!!!

  4. Thank you Shannon! You're always so supportive, what the heck would I do without your cheerleading?? :P