Friday, October 30, 2009

Fitness Friday - Almost Finished my First 30 day Challenge!

This is like a week in review:

I've had a GREAT week! This morning I am officially TWENTY pounds down. I can't believe it I'm so happy. It makes me not want to cheat or eat anything bad at all because I'm desperate to see 189 on my scale.
I will cry when I see that!I'm SO excited that my last workout on my first 30 day challenge is tomorrow! Woo hoo I did the first one on easy of course, I'm gonna do a 30 day on each level and THEN I'm gonna get More Workouts (AH I can't WAIT for More Workouts). Anyway, so I have to say I didn't complete my first challenge in 30 days, I was sick in the middle of it and then took a couple of days too long to get back on it, but nevertheless I'm almost finished and I can definitely feel the difference. My arms and legs have changed dramatically, they are soooo toned, I actually have cuts on my arms. My mom jokingly hit my arm one day and she stopped and was like "whoa feel your arms"! hahaha It could be because I'm seriously addicted to boxing. I do a workout of just boxing everyday, I LOVE IT. I can't wait to get boxing on the More Workouts, it looks soooo good.
I also have to thank EA Active for teaching me proper squats and lunges. I never used to hold squats or lunges for more than a second and I never did them very deep either and now I'm a pro! This week I also got 4 new trophies! I only have a few more to get! I can't wait to get the 10,000 calories burned trophy.
I also went for my runs on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday and today I walked to and from daycare which is about 7k total, a good hour. So I definitely feel like I'm fitting in as much exercise as I can and I'm focused with the eating. I don't have absolutely any junk in the house except hot chocolate, which is my treat and that is the only way I can stay focused. If it's in the house I'm eating it.So that's my week, I'm feeling pretty good all around and I hope everyone is too! :) I'm always looking forward to next Wednesday's Weigh-in!


  1. Update: I finally finished the 30 day challenge on Sunday! Woo hoo. I'm sick at the minute, but as soon as I'm better I'm starting the next 30 day challenge on Medium!

  2. Omg, 20 lbs!!! That is phenomenal!!!! Congratulations on an awesome job thus far! :-)

    Thanks so much for your comments on my H1N1 post - that was more helpful than you could know! I really appreciate it.