Sunday, October 25, 2009

I'm still feeling focused

So I haven't snacked for a week! I'm feeling really good about that, I'm just praying it pays off on Wednesday, on the scale. After dinner, I haven't been eating anything and if I'm really hungry I have had a fruit. I haven't bought any junk at all this week so I haven't had it in the house. That helps me big time.
That's it for now..short and sweet, unlike the last post!


  1. Just make sure you do eat. Snacking is ok just try eating healthier snacks. I like apples too. I try to eat them early in the say because of the sugar in them but apple is better than chocolate. Keep up the great work! We'll all do it together.

  2. Way to have self-control! The snacking is definitely what gets me. *smh*