Thursday, October 22, 2009

Renewed Focus and Strength

On Wednesday I was feeling like crap because of my weigh-in and because I've been stuck for a couple of months at this weight, not going anywhere. I lost my focus a bit with my running and the Wii. Thursday was a new day. I dropped my 2yo at daycare, got home, ate breakfast, fed my 5 month old and got him in the jogger stroller. With my ipod charged up I was ready to tackle a 12km or 13km run.

I started running November 2007, after my 1st son was born. I loved it, found it difficult and rewarding all at the same time. I ran 2 10km races and had signed up for a half marathon in October 2008. That was my ultimate goal, run a half marathon. I lost only about 6-10lbs after the birth of my son until he was about 10 months old. I was having back pain and the physio told me to stop running, things kinda halted after that and I didn't exercise much after that. The longest run I had done was 7 miles/11km and never pushed past that. We decided to start trying for baby #2 and in August 2008 I became pregnant, so that was the end of exercising for me. I did not want to gain any more weight than I had to and I was only 4lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight after giving birth. At about 6 weeks post partum I had enough of eating and not exercising and I started walking a lot more than I was before and watching what I was eating. In my first week I lost 5lbs just like that! I was motivated and happy. In the first month I lost around 15lbs. Since September though I've been kinda stalled. Only losing a pound here or there but mostly staying the same.
I decided to start running again. I missed it so much and walking wasn't giving me that satisfaction I get from running. My back has been feeling better since then so I'm continuing. I started running with my best friend and I love having a running partner. We ran in the Run for the Cure October 4th and we're going to run the Sporting Life 10k in May. I have secretly signed up for a Half Marathon May 30th, but I'm too scared to tell anyone for fear of failing. We also bought a Wii about a month ago, with EA Active and I LOVE IT! After the first week I felt such a difference, my legs and arms were definitely more toned. Then I got sick and didn't do it for about 4 days and I felt like crap! I finally got over the half way mark and I have about a week left. I can't wait to get to the end of my first 30 day challenge.
So back to my Thursday run. When I was walking a lot after my son was born I was walking at least 10km at a time. Last long walk before I started running again was 11k/7m. So since I've signed up for the half marathon I decided I have to increase my distance, about half a km a week. Generally I run three times a week, two 10km runs and a short 5km run. I decided I'm going to run a 12km or 13km. I took a 15 min run/2 min walk approach and it worked really well. I ended up doing that for the entire run and then walked an extra half km at the end. It took me 2 hours and I burned 1001 calories, and I cried when I finished. I felt so incredibly strong and focused. Then I realized, I past that 10km wall I was always hitting, I only have 8 more km to do a half marathon and I felt for the first time that I REALLY could do it, I really could run a half marathon if I want to. And I do, so badly! I also realized I can do a long run with the baby in the stroller where as before I would only do a short run with him.
After the kids went to bed, I did my 30 day challenge workout and then I did 20 minutes of upper body exercises and I felt so pumped! I feel good today, my legs are a little sore but nothing major. It's a rest day on Active but I'm gonna do a workout anyway. I'm addicted to boxing so I'll at least do that.
This was the thing I needed to get over my hump, I feel focused and strong. Everytime I run I think to myself, I'm a strong woman. It's amazing what exercise can do for your entire life.

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