Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Immediate Goals

As I've said, last little while I've lost focus so I decided to just focus on the next two weeks and weigh-ins.
 So for the last week I've done really well, not missing a day on the Wii and running and I've been eating well, so I'm actually really looking forward to Wednesday's weigh-in. I decided that I want to lose 2lbs a week for the next two weeks. Now that I feel more focused I'm going to share my goals for the next couple of months, up until the New Year. I definitely want to start 2010 in the 170's! But before that, I have to say goodbye to the 190's and 180's! Here are my immediate goals:

192lbs by November 4th
190lbs by November 11th -> 10% goal
182lbs by December 9th, pre Caleb weight (1st pregnancy)
178lbs by December 23rd

Last Wednesday I was 196lbs so by December 23rd that would mean I have to lose 18lbs. I can do that! I will definitely update you on my progress and stay accountable!

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