Monday, October 26, 2009

My Son's 2nd Birthday Party

For my son's second birthday, I decided to do crafts. Seems strange to have a bunch of kids sitting at a table doing crafts for a birthday party right? My thinking was that usually at birthday parties the kids are running around aimlessly, screaming, fighting for toys and destroying your house. So I decided to try a crafts table out and see how it went. Well let me tell you, it was a hit! First we set up the craft table:

First activity was decorating a canvas. I bought the canvas' at the Dollar Store for $1.25. I also bought letters to transfer onto the canvas and put their names on each canvas (they thought that was really cool). Beside each canvas my best friend (who did most of the craft table set up) put a couple of different paint brushes and mini paint rollers. I also bought some sequins, stick on foam cut outs, Popsicle sticks, glitter, glue, pom poms and coloured pipe cleaners.

My son just wanted to dump everything on his canvas:

The next craft was pumpkin decorating. The party was the 17th of October so I figured it would be a good idea, and the kids could take them home for Halloween. So we stuck the pipe cleaners on them, painted them, glued them, and made some masterpieces!

After that we let the kids play and let out some energy, then we had cake and opened presents. The last craft was decorating gingerbread people! I got gingerbread people from Bulk Barn, some Smarties, a container of sprinkles, cookie bits, candies and some glittery decorating glue (don't worry it was edible!). The kids loved being able to decorate and eat along the way!

Overall, it was a great day. The kids had fun, even the most rambunctious three year old boy loved sitting at the table doing the crafts and he didn't want to stop! One of my friend's is going to be doing the same for her next birthday party!


  1. Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.

  2. This is a great party! Tips everyone could absolutely use!

  3. I love this - what an awesome idea! Im definitely taking notes, for when Chase turns 1 in a few months.

  4. aw thanks so much. BTW Everything was from the dollar store, except the paint and gingerbread men decorations so it really wasn't expensive. :)