Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Weigh-in Wednesday - Eating Out

Well this week wasn't so great. I'm down .6lbs so I'm happy about that but obviously I was hoping for a 2lbs loss. I went out for two birthday dinners over the weekend and had quite a few Vodka's with my friend for her birthday, so I guess that's what did it. I'm still a bit surprised because I made really good choices while I was eating out and at home I was as diligent as ever.

I have to say though I did make a break through in terms of eating out. Normally, when I eat out I have an appetizer and a main course. Doesn't sound like much but I'll always eat something very unhealthy for both appetizer and main course. I always say to myself, I'm eating out, I might as well enjoy it! But this weekend, I didn't get an appetizer, just the main course. On Friday I got Prime Rib and mash potatoes, so that wasn't a great choice, but I resisted the Caesar salad and dessert, so that was a start! Saturday I ordered a Greek salad and an appetizer of chicken quesadillas as my main course. I only ate 3 out of 6 quesadillas, I didn't clear my plate like I usually do. So I didn't necessarily make low calorie choices, however portion control was something new to me that I actually used!
Even though I'm only down .6lbs I feel good this week. I really feel like I'm changing. I'm incorporating exercise into my daily routine and I feel that even when I'm faced with temptation I'm resisting and controlling myself.
From now to Christmas I only have my mom's birthday and 1 dinner with a friend. So I'm really hoping to reach my goal of 178lbs by Christmas, only 11lbs to go!


  1. I am on this same journey with you. I am trying really hard to lose about 15lbs. within the next three months. I'm doing Nutrisystem so I have no excuse, but it's all the holiday food that I'm struggling with. The potlucks, the parties... I am just not doing too good!! I also don't exercise regularly either, even though our complex has a really nice fitness center. How do you stay motivated??

  2. I know, the holidays are SO hard! I have said to myself I will eat whatever I want Christmas day, but that's it! It's all in moderation. I'm lucky because right now I'm on maternity leave so I'm saying myself, I want to lose my weight before I go back to work in April so I'm just forcing myself to stay motivated. But trust me I fall off the wagon, we just have to get back up! In terms of exercise, the Wii has really kept me motivated, and my running keeps me sane, with the two kids I need that release!
    We'll keep each other on track! :)