Monday, December 7, 2009

Mommy Monday

I decided to write a "Mommy Monday" post to let you know the funny and cute things my kids do. Hey maybe you can write a "Mommy Monday" post too and let everyone know what your kids do that crack you up!

Lately, I've been feeling kind of run down from my mommy duties, not really taking enough time to appreciate these two little blessings in my life. So I am posting a Mommy Monday post to let you know that I truly do find so much joy in my children and to tell you about those moments that make me love being a mom.

So last week we're at the store checking out, Caleb, my 2yo is in the cart and happens to be in front of the debit machine. I'm putting everything on the counter for the cashier and Caleb says "debit"! I did a double take and asked the cashier "did he just say debit"??? She said "yes"! Everyone was laughing and kind of in shock. Then the whole car ride home he kept saying "I said debit HA HA HA"!

After daycare one night, it was a bit chilly, we get in the car and Caleb says "mommy turn the heat on"! LOL Really? He's two years old, just turned two in October and he's already telling me what to do!

He's also teaching his brother Conor how to talk. Conor was babbling and Caleb says to him "Conor use your words"!! I almost died right then and there, I was laughing so hard!!

Last night in the car, I was searching for songs on my ipod to put on and Caleb says "mommy put Lady Gaga on"!!! We told him ONCE last week that Lady Gaga was singing and he never forgot. His memory is incredible.

Conor is babbling and giggling lots. He's super ticklish and really laughs out loud when you tickle him. He got his first two teeth just after turning 5 months old and this week he got another bottom tooth and three are pushing through on top as well as a 4th one on the bottom. Both my kids pop through like 4 teeth at a time!

I have such sweet little boys and I laugh and smile throughout the day because of them. What a lucky mom I am!
Let me know what you think of Mommy Monday!


  1. That is so funny "DEBIT!" - love it :) My son is also teaching my daughter how to talk and using the same "harsh" method -- so cute :) Thanks for sharing - this post made me smile.

  2. I'm so glad you liked it! :) Ya Caleb gets it from daycare and he gets so assertive lol He gets really serious when he says things like use your words or don't touch me Conor LOL
    A smile is always good :)

  3. Oh, so cute! They learn quick, don;t they!