Friday, December 4, 2009

Thank Goodness it's Friday

I'm not posting a Fitness Friday post because I didn't feel so focused on fitness this week. I have a cough/cold and both my boys are sick, so I haven't slept much this week. But here's my week in review.

I did a very short run on Tuesday, felt good to stretch out after my long run on Sunday but then I missed my run yesterday. I missed a day on More Workouts but I will be making up for it tomorrow, but I've completed my 2nd week. I'm loving More workouts. I really find the time passes so quickly during my workouts. Even when I'm really tired and not motivated, I get up, do my workout and before I know it, I'm finished!

I didn't post my Weigh-in Wednesday post. I went into work to visit on Wednesday and the kids have been sick so I didn't post. But I did have a good weigh in! I lost 1.3lbs this week, for a total of 25.7lbs so far. I was very happy with that. And as of this morning, I've lost 28lbs total, and I'm under my pre-wedding weight! I'm only 1.5lbs away from my pre-baby#1 weight!!! Can't wait for that one. I did really want to post about my shopping experience this week!

Tuesday I went to Old Navy. My jeans were really getting too big and I was going to the office on Wednesday and decided I really wanted a pair of jeans that fit properly and a new top. After my first baby I was a size 18, I bought two pairs of jeans and wore them for the entire year after my pregnancy, because I lost a few pounds but that was it. Then I was pregnant again. After baby #2 I fit into the size 18 jeans again. But 6 weeks post-partum I decided enough is enough, I'm losing weight. In September we went to Ireland, my jeans were getting big, making me look bigger than I was, so I bought a size 16 jeans and they fit really well and looked good. Now it got to the point where I can take off my size 16's without undoing the button.

Normally when I go clothes shopping, which isn't often, I automatically pick bigger sizes, because I don't want to be disappointed when the smaller size doesn't fit. And I was always in an XL. This time, I felt confident and I said I'm not leaving here with anything bigger than a size 14. I put them on and they fit, I could move in them and they looked good! Wow I was so excited. Down 2 sizes since having my kids. Then I picked a large top and a large pair of yoga pants and they fit really nicely! I was so happy because now I could actually see my progress! I went home with an actual feeling of confidence. For the first time in about three years I felt good about myself, and looked at myself in a positive way.

Tomorrow is workout #10 on More Workouts and Sunday I'm aiming for a 12 mile run (yikes)! I hope everyone had a wonderful week and I hope the weekend is even better!


P.S. I'm thinking of writing a Fitness Friday post next week about motivation, getting those around me motivated.


  1. Gosh...I didn't know you were sick..that sinks :( Hope you were able to recover over the weekend a little. I really just love to read your numbers and am so excited for how well you are doing. I admire that you are a runner...that's probably the toughest workout of all! Did you end up running on Sunday?

  2. I am feeling much better, still a bit of a sore chest but my boys are coughing like crazy, mostly at night :(
    I did go for a run yesterday, but decided on a 10k since I have a 10k race in 2 weeks. I wasn't sure if I had enough energy for a 12mile run. So I ended up doing my 10k in 1hr11min which has been my fastest so far!! I was happy with that!
    Thanks so much for reading!!