Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 already? Seriously?

As you can see I have not posted since December, my in-laws arrived from Ireland December 11th, they left December 27th, so we were very busy the last few weeks and my husband is still off work which has been so wonderful. So we've been having family time and I've been away from the computer. But I'm back and ready for the new year!

Happy New Year to all of you out there! I hope everyone enjoyed ringing in 2010 and I wish everyone health, love and happiness for this new year.
I'm honestly flabbergasted that it's January 2010. I was thinking that the next holiday will be Easter and last Easter I had just finished work before Conor was born in May. Anyway, I know EVERYONE has written their blog post about their goals and resolutions for 2010 and I'm going to do the same. I really need to write things down and list things, I love making lists! :)

First of all, here's a look back at my 2009:

  • I started the year about 5 months pregnant, with a 15 month old :) I received a promotion at work in October so I was really focusing on getting a lot done at work before going on mat leave.
  • I finished work in April and gave birth to Conor May 13th. Up until then I really felt like I was just surviving, just trying to get through the days because I was soooo tired and sick during my pregnancy, truthfully I didn't enjoy my pregnancy.
  • After giving birth time really started to fly. I felt human again and actually started doing things. I did more with Caleb and took it slow in terms of my exercise.
  • I was walking a lot and doing exercise DVDs and in August I got the itch to start running again and it felt wonderful!
  • I started blogging in October.
  • The four of us went to Ireland in late August/September for 2.5 weeks and we had a wonderful time, we really enjoyed our time with the whole family.
  • We bought a Wii in October, and since then we've bought EA Sports Active Personal Trainer and More Workouts, Wii Fit Plus, Super Mario Bros. and NHL 2K10.
  • When we got back I started running more and really focusing on my weight loss. And lost 30lbs by December. I also ran my first 10k race December 20th with a time of 1:11:38 and it felt great.
  • Overall it was a very busy/crazy/exciting year with the birth of our son, our 2yo keeping us busy, Ireland and just life in general.

For 2010 I have a lot to focus on but I don't want to become overwhelmed by it all. I'm going to categorize my goals/resolutions.

Family Goals:
  • Focus on my kids a lot more, especially from now until April when I go back to work.
  • Do more structured activities with the kids and do at least one outing on the weekend when hubby is home.
  • Speak only French with the kids because I've been slacking in that area and my 2yo only knows a few words in French.
  • Potty train Caleb.
  • Cook meals more often, cook healthier meals and try new meals.
  • Every week do meal/activity plans and stick to them.

Couple Goals:
  • Schedule more couple time (the last few months we spend about an hour a week together, if that).
  • Exercise together, whether it's Wii Fit Plus or outdoor activities
  • Have more fun together instead of stressing about budget, kids, life.

Personal Goals:
  • Keep focusing on and hitting my small weight loss goals to get to my ultimate goal of 140lbs.
  • Live a healthier lifestyle for myself and my family.
  • Step up my exercise by doing Wii Fit Plus (5-6 days a week) and EA Sports Active (4 days a week).
  • Train for all of my runs this year. At the minute I will only be running 1-2 times on the weekend when hubby is home because it's too cold to take Conor out in the jogger stroller for a run. If my mom comes over during the week then I will go for a run. As soon as the weather gets better I will take Conor out again for 2 runs during the week and I will run twice on the weekend.
  • Complete all of my running races I have signed up for:
    • 8km April 3rd
    • 10km May 2nd
    • Half Marathon May 30th
    • 10m July 11th
  • Raise over $2,000 in support of the Weekend to End All Women's Cancers as well as walk 60km over two days in September.
  • Keep the household organized and stay on top of my weekly planning.
  • Go back to work in April with a smooth and easy transition for myself and the boys.
  • When I do go back to work I want to work hard and hopefully move up to a new/different role.
  • Focus more on my friendships, keep on top of keeping in touch with my friends both at home and abroad.
  • Keep my monthly dinner date with my best friend.
  • Do the best job I can do as a mother/wife/woman, celebrate my accomplishments and have less guilt about the things I don't get done!

Ultimately I want to have a fantastic year with my family and friends, be more positive and really enjoy life. Cheers to 2010!


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