Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday - The Journey continues

Here we are, post Christmas and New Years. Just like that it's all over in a flash and I'm left with an extra 2lbs. As of this morning I am 185.3lbs. I have seen so many of you wonderful ladies on Twitter and on your blogs say you've lost weight over the holidays which is amazing but I am being honest and saying no I didn't lose any weight over the holidays but I'm not going to beat myself up over it! I slacked on EA Active More Workouts, but I did control myself more than I have in the past and I did my 10k Snowflake run which I finished in 1:11:38.

I started my weight loss journey in August (gosh that's over 5 months ago!!!) so I don't feel like I'm starting something new this New Year or that I'm getting new focus, I'm simply getting back on track and continuing the journey I started. And the reason why I'm not beating myself up is because I am right back on track. I'm down 2lbs since last week and I've exercised on the Wii everyday so far this year. I didn't finish my 6 week challenge on More Workouts on December 30th, but my last workout is today and I'm so excited!

As I mentioned I did my 10k Snowflake race December 20th and it went really well. I started off really well, but from 6-8km I really lost steam, and then I busted my butt the last 2km and at the end I sprinted harder than I've ever sprinted in my life. I really wanted to finish in 1:10 but with the way I was going in the middle of the run I was very happy with 1:11.

That's me looking down at my watch, I didn't think to look up to take a picture lol

I could barely breathe at the end of it!

Overall, I can feel that deep down inside I have changed. I'm more conscious of my food and exercise and even though I did slack a bit I'm back on track and ready to continue my journey. Perhaps by next Christmas I will be better and won't gain any weight! :)


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