Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday - I'm struggling

I'm disappointed in myself. I lost momentum after the holidays, in terms of food. As you know, I've been doing great with the exercise, not missing a day, doing both EA Active and Wii Fit Plus everyday. However, I've been struggling with food. Last week I got my meals on track, eating better, but I've been snacking on junk. I'm so annoyed that I'm even writing that. But I have to be honest if nothing else. This morning I was 184.5lbs, up 0.9lbs from last week, down 27.5lbs total. On the bright side, it was less than a pound.

Why have I been snacking? I'm not completely sure. But I think part of me feels like wow I've done well, before the holidays I was down 30lbs, my clothes are getting too big, my leg strap for EA Active has to be tightened more and more everyday, so I'm resting on my laurels? Maybe sub-consciously I'm thinking "still 40+ lbs to go, maybe I could just stay where I am so I don't have to put in more work". I know seems crazy, but I'm just being honest.

Where do I go from here? I snap out of it for starters! I can't let myself "rest" any longer because being up just under a pound can turn into another one and another one and another! And that is NOT happening. So I have to refocus on my little goals, not think about getting to 140lbs, because that will come after hitting all of my mini goals. Next goal: 179lbs. I wanted to start January in the 170's but it's OK, by February 3rd I want to be 179, and that's totally doable. That's 5.5lbs/2.75lbs per week. If I journal my food, I know I can do it!

How do I get there? I will journal my food, starting right now! And stay within my calories. I'll keep up my exercise. EA Active More Workouts 6 Week Challenge on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. EA Active Personal Trainer lower body workout on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Wii Fit Plus everyday. And I will continue to believe in myself and know that I can and will do this. We all have set backs and we just have to get right back up and continue on our journey.

Last night during Biggest Loser I led another ab workout during the first hour of commercials. We did the plank, crunch with punches, jacknife or leg raises, and reverse crunches. My abs were definitely burning but it was a lot of fun to have people on Twitter following along. And of course I did the last chance tworkout with @shrinkingjeans again. I will definitely continue to do that every week.

Last but not least, I have been reading blogs that have really inspired and motivated me. It helps to know other people are on a similar journey and pushing hard to do the work. Because of them I know I can do it as well! Please check out these wonderful ladies:

Shannon at FabFattie

Monique at Footdr69

Trish at Iamsucceeding

Jocelyn at Mamajoss

I will do better and get back on track! Let me know how you got over a hurdle in your weight loss journey!



  1. I'm sorry you had rough weigh-in. We all have those weeks, so don't lose hope! I'm rooting for you!!!!!

  2. yes, you CAN do this. sometimes we have to play mindgames to fix the mindless snacking. like, tell yourself you can have anything you want, as long as it fits into your alotted calories. Sometimes knowing that you can have it just lessens the power it has over you. It makes you feel like you're not "depriving" yourself. Just a mind trick, really. Or make conscious decisions about whether or not you need what it is you're about to eat by stopping to ask questions, "Am I hungry? Do I need this? Am I trying to satisfy a craving or a mood or neither?" Or give yourself "planned" snack times, so that you're not hungry in between and you feel like you're eating all the time (even though you aren't!) Anyway, you're doing awesome. Seriously. Less than a pound is no big deal, but the fact that you pinpointed an issue is huge! That's a non-scale victory. Cheers to an awesome week ahead!

  3. Oh I'm proud of you! You probably were just retaining some water girl -- I'd say do a re-weigh in a bit :) You are doing fantastic with the exercise. I chug water when I'm feeling snack-y. Thanks so much for the link/love -- keep at it Mama. You're going to have a fabulous week - I just know it!!!

  4. is there a way you can get the junk out of your house? if its there i'll eat it but if its not i don't miss it.

  5. Hi Christine- this is my first time visiting. I lost momentum over the holidays too. It was all too easy to succumb to all of the temptations around me. But like you said, you just have to keep plugging away and do what you know you need to do. Good job on the positive attitude- you can do this!

    Lisa @ Shrinking Jeans

  6. Hi Christine,

    I'm sorry to hear you didn't have the results you wanted this week! Hang in there. The way I'm trying to look at this is that what I'm doing (WW) isn't a diet, it's a lifestyle change, so it doesn't matter how quickly I lose it. It will come off eventually.

    You have such a great attitude - you will succeed! You're doing great. We all have times we don't do as well as we think we should, but the key is to jump back into the game as soon as possible, and that's what you're doing.

    @LeslieSColeman :)

  7. Thank you all so much for your support! I really do appreciate you all taking the time to read my post and to give me support! It's a huge help! I will do this! :)
    Christie thanks for the tips, they're great!
    Jocelyn thank you for the continued support and inspiration, I can do it:)
    Brooke you're so right, not having it in the house is the key! I have had no junk in the house at all since I started my weight loss but last week I just broke down and bought some. But groceries are done, I didn't buy any junk (I did look at the chocolate but didn't touch it) and the junk is out of the house!
    Leslie and Lisa, thank you I am really trying to stay positive and just get back into the groove! And I haven't set any deadline to lose all my weight, I'm just losing it when I lose it! :)
    Again thank you all so much! I really appreciate it! :)

  8. hi Christine, I'm here from twitter, someone says we need to read you! and I need to read you. Good luck, keep on keeping on. .9lbs is a good gain if there's ever a "good" for gain that's in the range. Remember what the wiiboard says "your weight can fluctuate up to 2lbs a day"
    Keep on keeping on

  9. Thanks so much Kyooty! That's so nice of you! You're right it does fluctuate, I'm hoping next week will be better since I'm getting on track with my eating!