Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mommy Monday - Big Week for my Little Conor

Well Conor did so much this week! He was 8 months old on Wednesday. I could not believe that 8 months ago I was sitting in the hospital, in labour waiting for Conor to arrive and now he's 8 months old!!! It boggles the mind how fast time goes by. He's been sitting up on his own since 7 months old, but this week he started getting up to a sitting position from lying down all on his own! Then literally the next day he started rocking on his hands and knees, the next day he did the army crawl once, the very NEXT day (yesterday) he tucked his knees under himself and started semi-crawling and now he's just all over the place! AND he started eating yogurt this week and loves it! lol What a FAST week for my little Conor.

As for Caleb, well he's definitely not a baby anymore! On the way to daycare on Tuesday I said something to him like "you're a good boy Caleb" and his response: "Mommy I'm not a boy I a man!" Yes that's right, my big little boy who was only born 27 short months ago informed me that he's not a boy, he's a man! WTH??????

This week was also a bit of a strange week. Caleb was quite clingy with me this week, which is odd because he's very independent. But he's been asking me to pick him up when he's tired. or hungry he's just been crying and crying, which is SO strange because he's usually quite vocal and assertive (if you didn't guess that already). He's also been very rough with his brother this week, much more than usual. Maybe because Conor is sitting up? He thinks that Conor is bigger? He'll push him over, and say "I'm just joking, you're OK Conor"! Poor Conor is going to have a very thick skull by the time he's a year old! Is it delayed jealousy, since he didn't show much if any jealousy when Conor was born? Any insights are welcome!

I was looking through some pictures and videos of when Caleb was about a year old and I found this video, the beginning of his love for dancing! Enjoy!

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