Friday, January 8, 2010

Fitness Friday - 6 Week Challenge Complete and Wii Fit Plus started

Happy Friday. I know it's late in the day but kids are sick and sleep is limited so it took me a LONG time to get started today.

This Friday I wanted to talk about the Wii because I'm loving it! Especially with the cold weather it has definitely helped me to stay on track. As you know, I use EA Active Personal Trainer and More Workouts and I finally completed my first 6 Week challenge on Wednesday, Jan. 6th, a week late but hey I did it! I unfortunately haven't taken any measurements which I really should do! I think I'm going to take measurements this weekend and start from there.

I did a 30 day challenge on Personal Trainer in October and I definitely felt a difference in my body after that one. Now after 6 weeks I feel even more toned and stronger. At the beginning of the 6 weeks I could barely do the press-ups and the leg raises, forget it! Now I can do them both properly and I feel my abs working and I love it. My legs and arms have gotten stronger and stronger. I'm also much better at the reverse lunges with leg raises (I'm not sure if that's what they're called). I definitely see an improvement in most of the exercises and so I know my fitness level has gone up.

Another exciting thing is that we got Wii Fit Plus December 27th and we love it. I had never tried it until Christmas, my mom got one and the whole family tried it and everyone loved it. So my in-laws bought it for us. I honestly didn't think it would give me as good of a workout as it does. I've set my daily calorie goal to 145 and I have hit it everyday and I do a minimum of 40 minutes a day. So combined with More Workouts I'm usually hitting 300cals a day, which is pretty good considering I'm not running much in the cold weather. I really feel a difference in myself since starting Wii Fit Plus almost two weeks ago. I had almost perfect balance today, which is cool and at certain balance games I'm much faster and more accurate and I can feel my core much better! I think that the Wii Fit Plus combined with EA Active is an awesome workout and I really enjoy it.

This week I also wrote a guest post about exercise for Shannon at The Fabulous Fattie and it was so nice to see some great feedback and meeting new people on Twitter like Monique AKA @Footdr69. I am so happy to have discovered this community of mom bloggers and lovely ladies on their own exercise and weight loss journeys. What an amazing resource!

Have a great weekend everybody and make sure to fit in your exercise!


  1. Wow. Christine!!!! You are a Challenge machine!!!! Congrats on feeling stronger..and more toned!!!! Thats what I am aiming for!!! Thank you for being such an inspiration!!! Keep up the Grrrrrreaat work!!! BTW....*Get Well Soon Hugs* to the little kiddos!!
    Your Sister in Wii, Fitness, and LIFE
    Dr. Mo (@footdr69)

  2. Thank you so much Dr. Mo! :) I'm really glad to have met you, and thanks so much for the wishes for my boys..ugh last few days have been reallly rough!! I'll be checking out your blog shortly :)

  3. I need to get the EA active. I just started on Wii Fit Plus and was wondering if anyone else was setting calorie goals. 300 is the most I've done in one workout but I usually strive for 200.

  4. Hi Shelly, I'm actually thinking of upping my calorie goal on Wii Fit Plus but ya EA Active is GREAT. It's more rigorous so you do burn more calories, sometimes 200 in one workout, about 30 minutes. So I definitely recommend it, that with Wii Fit Plus is really awesome! :) Thanks for stopping by!