Sunday, January 10, 2010

New 6 Week Challenge on More Workouts starting tomorrow

Ahhh, Sunday evening, both kids are sleeping peacefully, I'm relaxing, blogging, tweeting, watching Dr. Oz and am trying to spread the word about starting a new 6 Week challenge tomorrow.

I finished my first 6 Week Challenge last week and I definitely need to start a new one to keep focused. I like structure, planning and tracking when it comes to diet and exercise so the challenges really keep me focused. I did the first one on medium so I will be doing this one on hard and my goal is to complete it within the 6 weeks this time, without missing a workout. Who's with me? Let's keep each other going and see our bodies get even more fit with a new challenge.

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With this cold weather I don't take my 7mo out in the jogger stroller for a run during the week so I'm going to also do the 5k Challenge Workout that was posted on EA Sports website for the community challenge. It's a workout you can input into Personal Trainer that is very challenging and a great lower body and cardio workout, which was used to prepare for a 5k run. I'm going to do this Tuesdays and Thursdays, in place of my run during the cold weather and then I'll go for a run on the weekend by myself.

And of course I'll be on the Wii Fit Plus for an added bonus, which by the way I have totally noticed a difference in my quads from the yoga and strength workouts I've been doing!

Hope to hear from you here or, on Twitter or in the discussion I started on Wiimommies if you're starting a new challenge!



  1. Workout #1 on hard complete! It felt great. I burned 203 calories and for the first time ever I did the curl ups properly! I did them fully, not half assed like I usually do. I was sooo proud of myself because my abs are my biggest problem area and I can feel an improvement after the first 6 week challenge. I also noticed that lately the leg strap gets loose quite easily and I have to adjust it during my workout, which doesn't bother me because that means I'm getting more toned!! Compared to when I first got Personal Trainer in October, I could barely get the leg strap closed! My arms were also feeling very pumped and toned and my workout pants are very very loose! Woo hoo! I'm feeling great!
    I also did 63 minutes on Wii Fit Plus and burned 263 calories!
    And this was all while the boys were sleeping! :) Hope everyone else did some great working out today!

  2. Yay! I love it when I can start really feeling a difference in my body! Keep up the awesome work!

  3. Thanks Sarah! It does feel great :)