Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fitness Friday - Workout Machine

I didn't post for Weigh-in Wednesday because I had less than 3 hours of sleep Tuesday night and so Wednesday I was just trying to survive the day, I didn't even turn the computer on. Magically though, I did make it through the day, even got my workouts in and I was in a good mood! lol Wednesday morning I weighed in at 183.6lbs, I'm down 1.7lbs from last week and I'm almost back to pre-Christmas weight.

This week was a great week for exercise, I have totally followed through on my workout schedule. I have been working out everyday since January 2nd and I have so much energy! Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday I do my 6 Week Challenge workout on More Workouts and Tuesdays and Thursdays I do my lower body workout on Personal Trainer, which by the way has 4 in-line skating sessions, OUCH! And everyday I do Wii Fit Plus for a minimum of 30 minutes and 145 calories, and it's amazing the amount of energy I have, even though I'm doing more exercise.

I have to make a confession. When we first got the Wii I had the impression that Wii Fit Plus wasn't much of a workout, so I went with EA Sports Active and was and still am very happy with it. My mom got Wii Fit Plus at Christmas, and we all loved it! As I've said, we got one too and I've been loving it! I was completely wrong about it though, I totally admit it. Now that I've used it for almost three weeks, I'm hooked. I think it goes PERFECTLY with EA Active! Active gets me pumped up, it's more vigorous, more cardio and has helped me tone a LOT but Wii Fit Plus has helped me tone even MORE! My quads are seriously changing, and I cannot believe how aware I am now of my posture and balance and how much it has improved. The two together are a perfect combination for a virtual fitness workout.

Tuesday was a really great day for exercise. I did my two workouts and then during Biggest Loser I busted my butt! A few times while watching BL I've done some sit ups and push ups but nothing major. Well I hooked up with Dr. Mo aka @Footdr69 and we did an ab workout every commercial for the first hour and then I followed @shrinkingjeans for the last chance tworkout (last chance workout on Twitter) during the second hour! We did jump rope, plank, squats and other fun stuff and I was working up a sweat, it was a really great way to watch BL.

All in all it was a great week for exercise! Now I really need to give my 2yo some attention because I can't stand the whining anymore! HELP!

Have a GREAT weekend.



  1. So glad you joined us for the tworkout!!!

  2. Thanks for having me April! :) And thanks for stopping by!

  3. Great job with the dedication!!! You're right about Wii Fit plus, you don't even realize you're geting such a workout because it's so fun!

  4. Thanks Sarah! BTW your tips about using Wii Fit plus and shifting your weight were great! I tried the soccer for the first time since we got it and I was SO much better! :)

  5. aha! 1.7 pounds is a very good loss, never to be gained again (of course).

  6. Thanks for stopping by Josie! Yes definitely never to be back again!! :)