Monday, January 11, 2010

Mommy Monday

Well my first Mommy Monday post was a month ago, but I'm sure you can understand that things were hectic through the holidays.  I didn't go on the computer much because my in-laws were here, my husband was off work so I wanted to focus all my attention on the family and we had a wonderful holiday.  It was so nice to spend two whole weeks with Steven and the kids.  They definitely bring us lots of smiles and joy!  So here are a few things that happened with the kids recently.

Conor has gotten FIVE new teeth and his right front tooth will be broken through probably within a couple of days!  That will make 8 teeth and he'll be 8 months old on Wednesday!  He's also eating lots!  He loves his fruit and veg and he's eating lots of cereal as well.  We started him on chicken and beef and he's not sure about it.  Some days he eats it all up and some days he doesn't touch it.  He also started sitting up on his own!  Oh my gosh, so many things, he's changing so fast. 

Both kids were feeling well during the holidays and then last week Caleb got a chest infection and over the weekend Conor started coughing and has a runny nose.  Caleb was sick Saturday night and neither of them have been eating really well!  Hopefully they get better very soon.

Caleb cracks me up every single day.  He is very assertive and speaks very clearly.  At daycare they're teaching them about telling people how they feel if they hurt them or they don't like something someone does.  So if someone at school hits him or takes a toy from him he gets in their face and says "I don't like that".  So he's constantly saying that to his brother (even though Conor isn't doing anything to him on purpose...just yet) and Steven and I. 

Last week, when Caleb had a fever (he was very fussy) and at the dinner table Steven put his arm on the back of Caleb's chair and he said "move your arm daddy, keep your hands to your self"!!! We couldn't help but burst out laughing.  The same day Steven was telling him to get out of the fridge and Caleb says "I don't think so Daddy, you sit down right now"!  How can you not laugh at that?

Caleb is in the process of potty training and one day he peed on the floor and said "Mommy I spilled the water".  Hmmm I don't think that was water Caleb!

I said that Caleb speaks very clearly, he does but there are a couple of words that don't exactly come out as they should.  He wanted to do crafts and he was running around screaming "Mommy I do craps, I do craps"! 

And lastly, I'll call Caleb to come over for something and he says "yes dear"?!!  I have no clue where he got that from because I don't say that! 

I'm going back to work in April and I'm already dreading it, how am I going to leave these two gorgeous boys all day? *Tear*


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